Sunday, June 20, 2010

Visit to Ramallah, Bethlehem & the Golan

This past weekend, all 5 of us temporary Nazarenes went on a road trip to Ramallah and Bethlehem. It was a special weekend since my birthday was this past Thursday. As usual with our group in Nazareth, there is always something that goes wrong in our travels. On the way to Ramallah, Nijim forgot his passport and had to go back and get it while the rest of us stayed on the bus to Jerusalem. We all met up in Jerusalem several hours later and caught the bus to Ramallah. On the way back to Nazareth, we forgot it was Shabbat and got to Jerusalem where no buses were running. We had to take an expensive taxi to Tel Aviv and then get a sherut to Nazareth. Even though our travels to and from were a little crazy, we had a great weekend. Nijim´s family was super nice and invited us to stay with them and so all 5 of us stayed with them. We ate a lot of food and talked and watched soccer with them. They told us to come back again and some of us are already planning the next visit. Thursday night we went out dancing with the people staying in Ramallah. It was very fun. On Friday, Nicole, Hali and I went to Bethlehem to visit an internship and tour the town. We didn’t have much time there but we saw the Church and a few of the sites. After we got back to Ramallah, we walked around the city and went to a restaurant to watch some more soccer. It was the US game. It was fun to have a big group of Americans watching the game together. On Saturday we went to someone´s internship in Ramallah and then we left for Nazareth. We made it back there later that night despite forgetting about Shabbat. On Sunday, Hali and I were invited to go with Nicole on a day trip to the Golan with her internship group. We hiked in a nature reserve and kayaked on a river. It was a fun filled day in the sun and I´m glad I got up early to go even though I was very tired. All in all it was a great weekend and I feel very lucky to have spent my birthday among friends in Israel!

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