Saturday, June 19, 2010

the Palestinian/Swedish hospitality

I have found my two best friends of Palestine: Rebeccah and Tarek. I work with them at Tawasul and they have been amazingly hospitable to me and my roommates. Rebeccah is a very sweet Swedish woman currently working in Palestine and Tarek is a humorous Palestinian that helps out at Tawasul and also works as a translator of French and Arabic. Not only have they showed me around town, made me dinner (anyone who feeds me is high in my book), and driven me home from work on a daily basis; but they have also taken me with them to Nablus to get world-renowned soap, to Sebastia to see ancient Roman ruins, and to a restaurant that has natural springs running right through it. Most of all they have been very willing to explain to me the realities of the Palestinian people while opening their lives to me. I am very thankful to be working with them and I can’t wait to spend the next five weeks getting to know them better!

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