Monday, June 7, 2010

Tel Aviv

Over the past few days we enjoyed the sites and sounds of Tel Aviv including swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and speaking with organizations such as the Peres Peace Center. We were even able to observe a peace protest that took place in Tel Aviv. The more I hear about the conflict and the multiple sides that exist, the more excited I become about my internship in the West Bank. I hope to have a greater understanding of what life is like for Palestinians and Israelis living daily lives with the constant reminder of a separation between two close-proximity societies. Until then, however, there is Tel Aviv...


  1. Libby, The pictures are great and I am sure that you are having a wonderful adventure. What a great opportunity to experience other cultures. Keep blogging about the political atmosphere. It is interesting to read your comments and compare them to what we are or are not seeing on TV and hearing on the radio. I love and miss you. Be safe. Mom

  2. Lib - Enjoying everyone's posts. So far, sounds like an enlightening 'vacation' and a nice break before the real work that lies ahead. Hope you're soaking in the experience and building memories already. Thinking of you, and wishing all the best... Take good care. Shalom and Salaam, B & J