Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Brick in the Wall

The separation wall that is built through Bethlehem is truly imposing, overshadowing much of the city. Unlike any other wall I've seen here, the Bethlehem section of the barrier cuts through what used to be major streets, and is a daily reminder of the civil and political situation faced by the local population. While the Bethlehemites and refugees who live here have tried to reclaim the wall by painting slogans, murals, and even restaurant menus on the divider, the formidable structure has lost little of its intimidation factor. When I look at the wall today, I think back to our tour of the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem. As our guide walked us past the section of the museum dedicated to the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw, Poland, she stated very passionately, "you do NOT build walls around people". How easily we forget the lessons of the past . . .

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