Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ramallah and the market in Jerusalem

Last weekend, I went back to Ramallah for the second time. I stayed with the same people, who are family of one of the other students, Nijim. I had so much fun the first time and Nijim´s cousin Kefah and her two kids were so nice and welcoming. We of course, we greeted with the offer of food, Kefah even offered to cook a whole dinner for us, but we had already eaten. Instead we sat in the living room and talked, drank tea and coffee and had some cake. It was very relaxing and good Arabic practice for me. Kefah and I would teach each other words, sort of a mini language exchange. I played games with the two kids also; we taught them how to play monkey in the middle with balloons.
Friday we relaxed and slept in and had an amazing breakfast. Then I played some more games with the two kids and braided the little girls´ hair. It was kind of like being a summer camp counselor again. In the afternoon we walked around a bit and went to a restaurant to hang out and everybody else got some nargila. We didn’t do much that night, but it was a nice relaxing time in Ramallah.
On Saturday, we left in the afternoon for Jerusalem to hang out and wait for the buses to start running after Shabbat ended. Hali and I decided to walk around the market in the Old City and do some shopping. We both got some cool t-shirts; I got a teeny tiny one for my little nephew. There was a ton of stuff in the market from food to kitchenware to jewelry. I always people watch when I got to a place like this and the market is an excellent place for that. We ended up having to take two different sheruts to get home to Nazareth, but we made it home in time to finish the game between Uruguay and Germany.

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