Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jump Mountain and Tiberius

Saturday was a jam packed day for us. One of the roommates had to work, but myself and Hali, the third roommate were off that day. Our host dad said he would take us to the Old City to go shopping in the market for souvenirs and gifts. So we got up early to go and picked up one of his cousins, Abu Firaz. Abu Firaz´s son was the one that got married a couple weeks ago. We could have gone to the market any day by ourselves, but Burhan knew a lot of the shop owners and said he would get us good deals on everything we wanted to buy so of course we were happy to hear that. It was great because I got almost everything on my list and we did some site-seeing too, stopping by some old houses and churches. We even went to an old pottery factory which was cool.
On the way home, Burhan asked us if we wanted to go to Jump Mountain and we said sure. So we made the short trip there and walked to the top which was only a 5 minute climb. What´s cool about this place is that all three faiths share this spot because it is mentioned in all three holy books for Christians, Muslims and Jews. It is a beautiful spot with views over looking all of Nazareth and the surrounding areas. You can even see Mount Tabor and some old caves. It was pretty windy, but the skies were clear and it was very enjoyable. We of course took some time to take some goofy photos before we left.
After dinner that night, Abu Firaz´s middle son, Ameer, asked us if we wanted to go to Tiberius and go swimming in the Sea of Galilee. We gladly accepted because it was a very hot day and swimming sounded really good. I requested the Jeep Wrangler as our transportation and he said ok. So my three roommates and I hopped in the Jeep with Ameer and drove to Tiberius. The ride there was so fun, cruising along in his 1981Jeep Wrangler with the wind blowing in our faces and the music turned up. The scenery made the drive just about perfect. Once we got there, Ameer turned off on a little side road and we were all wondering where exactly we were going. At the end of the little road, he started to go off road and over the rocks, stopping in a little clearing near the sea, which they call a lake. The water was perfect! The views were too and we had a blast swimming and playing marco polo and flying a Spiderman kite and just hanging out. After our swim we sat on the rocks with drinks and snacks and watched the sunset. It was awesome. Then we got back in the car and got ready to go, but the gate had been closed so Ameer went to drive around it and we got stuck. Eventually we got the Jeep unstuck and made our way home. Then we spent the rest of the evening hanging out on the roof of Ameer´s building with some drinks which was the perfect way to end an adventure filled day.

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